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I think Amai Mask is probably a monster that is now on the heroes side. Teen And Up Audiences (1229) General Audiences (922) Explicit (853) Mature (618) Not Rated (389) Include Warnings . Nevertheless, he does comprehend his own limits, admitting that he only fights high threat level enemies in the hope that he can stall them until the strong heroes come to save the day. The 10 Most Boring Duels In The Series, Ranked, Dragon Ball: 10 Bad Guys Who Aren't Actually So Villainous, One Piece: 5 Characters We'd Want On Our Team In The Zombie Apocalypse (& 5 We Wouldn't). Boros was made to be a ruler, a king, a leader. What the association boils down to in later chapters. Class A Hero who fights with a slingshot. Even attempting to perform good deeds for the community, such as picking up litter, though no one paid attention to him for said kindnesses. Which Timeless Character Are You Based On Your Zodiac Sign? I always theorised that like Garou hes almost a monster. For instance, Blizzard has transformed the B-Class rank into a gang war between different factions of heroes. Regeneration: Through unknown means, Sweet Mask possesses the ability to recover from extreme injuries to his body. Sadly, determination in excess, especially when encountering incessant failure, can result in anger issues, something Sonic clearly suffers from. He is seen with long hair again when he addresses the Hero Association official and, in his most recent appearance, he is again shown with his short hair. Amai Mask just reattaches it. [32] When attacking Garou, he managed to land 25 hits within seconds. He is shown to have a burning hatred for anything that he sees as evil, including those whom he considers being evil’s accomplices and those who lend a helping hand to said accomplices. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the OnePunchMan community. Saitama is largely apathetic to the various political/emotional/social struggles that surround him, a fact eminently understandable due to his peerless strength. I think Amai Mask is probably a monster that is now on the heroes side. Pesky Clown manages to momentarily overpower the hero and attempts to pull all of the hero's limbs off. It's an ability he actually invokes — his arm gets sliced clean off... and he simply re-attaches his arm again and the arm still works. However, he doesn't seem to have the ability to regrow a severed limb, as he reattached his arm instead of just regrowing it. Rank Loves to embellish how big a deal he is in the hero organization to hot hero-loving fans. RELATED: 10 Things Fans Expect From Season 3 Of One-Punch Man. He's among the heroes sent to fight the Monster Association. She is a strong personality, having built her operation from the ground up, but this also makes her reckless in several ways. He’s handsome for his age, and gracious; and his fighting style is sheer beauty. Great deals on Bandai M.A.S.K.

because it would be murder if he killed a street punk like that when Garou looks to have lost. Here are ten of the main characters, arranged according to the Dungeons & Dragons alignment system. On top of this, while it may be nothing, no one suspects Blast who mysteriously retired and has disappeared. This sort of hyperactive behavior is exhausting for the people around her, but her Hero Association rankings keeps potential complaints far away.

His existentialist persona makes him unable to feel most emotions, especially given that he has nowhere to go but down.

Anime Debut Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Sweet Mask is an extremely skilled fighter. He has openly claimed that the only reason he doesn't rise into S-Class is to prevent "weaklings" from doing so as well. A greedy, portly looking association branch director who turns a profit by selling potentially dangerous monsters.

This intense hatred of his own ugliness caused his body to change and for him to transform into a Mysterious Being. On an abandoned street, where no one would watch if he ran the light and there was no traffic to worry about. As Amai Mask walks away from the scene, he hears a sound, identified as one of the Monster Association's executives. He notes that only promotions to S-Class or A-Class are fit for his attention, as they are the heroes who draw the most attention from the public, and hence, any heroes in those ranks who earn themselves negative reputations would drag his reputation down as well.
[19] This is shown when he questioned Zombieman's credibility as a human being, much less a hero, going by his odd abilities and asking why he couldn't die during the S-Class hero meeting. Defeated by Kombu Infinity and later by Garou. Welcome to r/OnePunchMan, the subreddit for all things related to our caped bald hero! Due to later story developments in the webcomic firmly stabilising Amai Mask as more heroic, despite his difficult personality, the manga had its original new events concerning his actions around the Do-S fight slightly altered, in order to make Amai seem less of a total asshole verging on villain territory. [16], Sweet Mask is shown to adhere to any method that makes heroes popular. The former ended up with the majority of the top level survivors being crushed by Garou (again) and other monsters after the heroes wore themselves out fighting opponents that they had no Intel on in the Monster Association arc.

that in his fight with Fuhrer Ugly he flew off in a rage after looking at his face. Sweet Masks true form (SPOILER) discussion. Even when Pesky Clown powers up further, although initially overwhelmed, Sweet Mask still manages to put an end to the Dragon-level monster.

Genos sees his past self in Amai Mask. Class A hero who fights with rocket-powered shoes.

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