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Created in Tournai c.1470, it’s one of the most solemn and monumental XVth century Flemish tapestries famous for its weavings’ huge size and dense imagery. SCA Larp The gorget has leather straps on both sides. Constructor include:  Its combined weight is is 6,7 kg. Russian orientalist and weapon expert Mikhail Gorelik states that it was invented in the 8th century as parade armour for the Emperor's guards by reinforcing a thick cloth robe with overlapping iron plates, but did not come into wide use until the 13th century, when it became widespread in the Mongol Empire under the name of hatangu degel ("robe which is as strong as iron"). Upper part of brigandine armor (tire) is sewn only from natural materials: Metal plates for brigandine armor are made ​​of different materials: ordinary steel or stainless steel, titanium alloy. Matching vambraces and boots containing metal plates were also used. Steel nails (rivets);

Brigandine Kusnacht Type 1  based on historical prototype from Kusnacht castle in Switzerland. Skirt has five sections and doesn't hinder movements during the fighting.

Set of metal plates, already with holes; Rivets on metal plates, made for the wealthy nobles, were made ​​of brass, bronze, and could be covered with gold or silver. Leather punch;

As I'm quite tiny girl I had doubts that brigandine will fit me good and be comfortable and not too heavy (however it's a bit heavy, lol)) What was splinted protection of limbs made of? They offer similar protection as the steel cuirasses, but provide much more freedom of movements. Larp

Weight: 630 Durability: - P.Def. You can use this functional leather armor for:

Due to this design, Leeds Brigandine are fitted to the body, suits well, and perfectly protect.

There are also references about the lacing. What brigandine leg protection consists of? Set of metal plates, already with holes; Where brigandine arm protection was widespread?

Later brigandines appeared towards the end of the 14th century, but survived beyond this transitional period between mail and plate, and came into even wider use in the 15th century, continuing into the 16th century.

Leather straps with steel buckles; Knight's variants of brigandines were more fitted, because were individually made to order. - The location of plates on the jacket varied. This was often worn with faulds, pauldrons and arm protection (rerebraces and vambraces), sometimes covered in expensive textiles like sateen, velvet or damask and decorated with fur.


In this set you will find everything you need to create brigandine with your own hands! Larp The time of active use of brigandine armor accounts for XIV-XV centuries.

Very often the plates were attached to a simpler linen basis, on top of which was sewn a layer of velvet or silk. Larp Mikhail Gorelik. In this set you will find everything you need to create brigandine with your own hands! Sometimes they marked them coining from the outside. Will order more from Steel masters in the future. Woolen cover, already sewn;

The skirt was split to the waist, allowing the soldier to ride a horse.


Design allowed comfortable moving as to dismounted warriors, so to horsemen. Thereby strike is .. Brigantine was often covered with velvet and was attached to a decorative rivets form. What are plate knee caps? The outer side may consist of several colored parts, or can have heraldic galloons, emblems and mottoes. Overlap between the rows is 1.5 cm. Depending on the fabric and decoration, it could be a real regal armor. Archaeologists excavated fragments of 18 gauntlets, but today we are interested only at the model, which is referred to the so-called “Type III” and “Type II” just a little. From the external side at the top there were two rows of large rivets in a semicircle.

Also blackening protect your cuirass from rust... Сuirass includes several parts: - There are many types of brigandine armor patterns: What is Visby brigandine? Brigandines were notable for the quality of trimming, and the representatives of all classes, even monarchs could wear them. But workmanship is remarkable, size is very good and there is really great customer support:).

Cotton lining, already sewn; Stage performances It is a garment typically made of heavy cloth, canvas or leather, lined internally with small oblong steel plates riveted to the fabric, sometimes with a second layer of fabric on the inside. What is Brigandine armor? - First mentions of gauntlets with plates refer to the second part of the XIII century.

Plates are riveted with steel rivets to the leather from the inner and outer sides of armour. Padded inset makes wearing of this functional battle hand armor more comfortable.

Later examples, however, often lacked iron plates and were merely a military uniform.[11]. From the external side at the top there were two rows of large rivets in a semicircle. This model of medieval brigandine  is very popular among modern reenactors of the XIV-XV centuries, because of few benefits: Made-to-measure medieval brigand body protection is completely handcrafted. The bottom of brigandine can be decorated with festoons, the edges of which are bound with a decorative selvage. You can use this brigand armor for:

- Design of gauntlets represented metal plates, which were attached to the smooth base (most likely, leather base).


[17], Some kuyaks had large "mirror" plates or "shields" attached to the outside. Armor is notable for comfortable wearing, which allow good mobility during fight, durability and reliable body protection. Sometimes there were two large plates, which closed the chest and a range of horizontal plates, which covered the stomach and the groin.

Reliable and easy construction of armor - numerous steel plates, riveted to leather or textile base, and seems like it likes being top dog again. Three wide leather straps firmly this defense on your hands and allow handy hold of weapon or shield.

Spaulders equipped by leather belts with buckles for fastening around the upper ... VISBY BRIDANDINE, TYPE III  Size chart of brigandine constructors:... We propose you very interesting thing – Do It Yourself Brigandine Constructor. Titanium brigandine armor is notable for great strength, does not rust and has twice lower weight in comparison with steel armor. Zrínyi Katonai Kiadó 1986.

Armor plates are fixed by lacing (sewing) to the base in the upper edge and rivets. Armies of the Mongolo-Tatars, X-XIV centuries.

But in this model fingers’ joints are not brigant but articulatory while knuckles are pyramids-shaped.

Such brigandines consisted of many small segments.

In addition, comparing to plate armour, brigandine protection was cheaper. Set of metal plates, already with holes;


Brigantine is a armour of the plates, hardened under a cloth base.

What is Brigandine armor made of? Can complement your SCA and HMB kit, or act as a separate armor piece for LARP.

“Visby” has good protection, mobility and it is lightweight. What is Brigandine?

Quilted lining and overlapping plates provide additional absorption of the impact energy without reducing the fighter's mobilit.. If desired, brigandine can be decorated.

This brigandine will be made according to your measurements. - The outer side may consist of several colored parts, or can have heraldic galloons, emblems and mottoes. Every item in this section is customized that means that you may changes color/material/metal/etc.

This armor, in fact, was the same brigandine only with larger plates.

The armor is fastened on the body from front with help of straps and plates are placed horizontally and with a large overlap. –  The term “brigandine” comes from the name of foot soldiers «brigands», which actively used this plate armor. [7], Jacks remained in use as late as the 16th century and were often worn by Border reivers. Such design was raising protection properties of armour and didn’t have any gaps for blades. Plackart, which is fastened to the front and back plates; Although there are images with the examples of brigandines with sleeves. [19], Kikko is the Japanese form of brigandine.


Such method gave high level of protection of crushing blows, stabs and slashes. Total length of brigandine is 70 cm (27.5 inch ). Medieval festivals

When brigandine armor was used?

: 41 M.Def.

Joined together with leather belts and buckles; [citation needed], Tipu Sultan wore armour of this type during his wars against the East India Company.

Reenactment events

Jacks were often made from recycled pieces of older plate armour, including damaged brigandines and cuirasses cut into small squares.

Middle Ages brigandine with fastenings from the front is one of the most popular type of medieval body armour. What is splinted protection for upper arm (bicep)? Medieval festivals

Chest circumference over padded protection : 110 – 119 cm ( 43.3 - 46.8 inch)

Constructor includes:  Stage performances
Just in case. Kikko were used only relatively recently, during the 16th century.[21].


- Brigandine mitten was used for holding side-hold shield.

Figure design of leather straps and buckles is possible. You will need only hummer, nippers and metal shears at home! The rivets were also often grouped to produce a repeating decorative pattern. Surcoat with decorations and emblem can be worn over brigandine.

Unlike armour for the torso made from large plates, the brigandine was flexible, with a degree of movement between each of the overlapping plates. This section includes several categories with brigand armor for all parts of body: Brigandines, Brigandine gauntlets and mittens, Brigandine leg protection, Brigandine arm protection.
[6], Like the brigandine, the jack was made of small iron plates between layers of felt and canvas. Brigandine fits perfects and keeps ups with the hits.

The brigandine is sometimes confused with the haubergeon, while the name is often confused with the brigantine, a swift small sea vessel.[4]. The main difference is in the method of construction: a brigandine uses rivets to secure the plates, whereas the plates in a jack are sewn in place. SCA The model of plates can be different then on main photo. The location of plates on the jacket varied.

You can use this brigandine armor for: Wristband is made of two-layered leather.

Piece of leather (to make leather washers out of it); Thread and needle;

If you need something universal and reliable,.. How many layers are in brigandine? A brigandine was also simple enough in design for a soldier to make and repair his own armour without needing the services of an armourer.

Got my brigandine and its fits perfect, just like a glove.

Many brigandines appear to have had larger, somewhat L-shaped plates over the central chest area. Reenactment events

Medieval festivals As for the assembly scheme, each master had his own, original one, which modified at the req... Сotton lining. – Splinted protection is an element which protects limbs. These Visby brigandine gauntlets will be a perfect choice to protect your hands and... Meet our sport brigantine based on historical brigandines of XVth century. Breast plate and back plate.

The size of the plates increased. A brigandine is a form of body armour from the Middle Ages.

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