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Press J to jump to the feed. it's a 1xx course. Sign up. Download the best CLST 105 class notes at University of British Columbia to get exam ready in less time! That is one textbook from first year that I would have loved to keep. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! Honestly, even if you hate public speaking, it's a skill you're going to need throughout your academic career. See you in Sept for phil 211! The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! If this is any help - here's a bit about the approach of the two courses. 1st year courses tend to change instructors quite frequently from year to year, and so the syllabus and course approach are often subject to change. how hard can that aspect be? I have not taken any EOSC courses so I can't comment on that particularly, but last year I took CLST 105 and it was by far my favourite course (and I'm a biology major haha). Press J to jump to the feed. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

CLST (Classical Studies) 105: Greek and Roman Mythology. I took it in first year and there were quite a few people who barely spoke in the discussion. Hope that helps a little! in a universe where most actions are caused by gods, is there room for human freedom?

The prof I had isn't teaching this term, but our class average was 66 and I had an 84. Clst 105 and Phil 211a both fit my timetable but I am undecided. Source: I'm Michael Griffin. It's not formal public speaking per se, you're just expected to participate in discussions with your discussion groups (~30 people). It looks like CLST was offered four times in 2016 and had a mandatory discussion group component. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Wow, cool. CLST 105: Greek and Roman Mythology: I liked this course a lot, and the prof (Michael Griffin) was great. PHIL 211 is mainly about the ways the ancient Greeks viewed their universe, how the gods of mythology evolved into the basic elements and forces of early philosophy and science, whether myth and science were that different, and how Greek philosophy became an enduring "way of life" with Socrates. Professor. Is this true? CLST 105 is mainly about the central stories and characters of Greek and Roman mythology, their sources, their social and historical context, and why we should care. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. it's just contributing to discussions, not necessarily presenting in front of the class.

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