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The Father Ted and IT Crowd creator, who goes as @Glinner on Twitter, posted a message on the parenting website after being forced to delete a string … Melroses Mon 10-Feb-20 22:35:21. HandsOffMyLangCleg Mon 10-Feb-20 22:32:26. If this was in the UK, I'd be getting in touch and suggesting that, in the interests of balance, a link be provided to Women's Place UK, but I don't know if there is an Irish equivalent. He liked and retweeted me yesterday If only a high profile Woman (or six) had the guts to speak out, can you imagine if JK Rowling got behind us publicly, hell they already call her a terf. I feel quite betrayed by Women who have that kind of reach but don’t speak up. Already have a Mumsnet account? Mentioning the affirmation model regarding children, and how it could be viewed as gay elimination therapy is usually the topic that gets me called crazy! "I know you are paying a heavy price for this G, but I admire and applaud you." The points raised so well by Graham Linehan are apparently being covered by Transgender Equality Network Ireland! I've submitted an appeal with Twitter and the Better Business Bureau but I thought I'd post here too so people knew what was going on," he wrote at 3.16am this morning. "He's also very good on Brexit and anti-vaxxers . Graham Linehan is a Terf. I’ll be listening to this on my long drive tomorrow. Would it bother you? Erish they were complaining that he hadn’t denounced John Mcdonell for saying he’d meet with WPUK. Em, no! I really hope he emphasises the facts that 1. changing the legal definition of 'woman' has implications we should be able to talk about, and 2. that as a disadvantaged and underrepresented class, the half of the population born with female reproductive systems need a word that describes them, and if it's no longer 'women' or 'female'n what is it?I hope it's not all about grifters and opportunists abusing laws intended for trans people. I know and he knows and acknowledges that women get far more abuse than he or any other man does for posting gender critical opinions and I thank him for acknowledging this fact too. Thanks for sharing. Em, no! Bookmarking for later when I have time.We need more like you Graham ... can I clone you? A press release and #20 #tweet #long #thread from an account with 1k followers? This is page 1 of 13 (This thread has 303 messages.). (Beside the point, I know)For those of you not in Ireland, Glinner and his wife, as you may know, spoke eloquently and openly on the TFMR (travelling for medical reasons) issue prior to the abortion referendum in Ireland, recounting their personal story.Complaints made to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland, regarding ‘a lack of balance’ ie the anti-abortion voice was not given equal time (to ‘debate’ or countermand their personal experience - like wtf ) were UPHELD in 2016 - see man speaking up for women’s rights always has a difficult path to navigate. This Times article could be considered the experts tell me, is Hayden's Twitter thread and court case a good example of narcissistic rage? I just love him because there is no other man doing this as far as I can see, or no other high profile person of either sex.

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