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the year 1795, when Aaron Hunt made an improvement, and who was accompanied by Jacob Holdren, the latter afterward Canadice - Robert Ogden (1813), Daniel Knowles, Peter Welch, Hiram and Samuel Hogans, John Green, Reuben Mann, George and James Adams, year (1815) there came Benjamin, Philip and Peter Snyder, Jonathan Waters and Captain Granby. All mail is now delivered by rural carriers from these out side towns, and a good share of the inhabitants are supplied with telephones, all of which help to compensate for the inconvenience of the people's geographical isolation. Military.- The martial spirit of the people of Canadice was clearly shown during the War of 1812-15, in Amasa T. Winch was supervisor of the town in 1870-76 and member of the State Legislature in 1877-78. In the war of 1861-65, the town of Canadice did its full share in furnishing men to put down the rebellion who served in these regiments: Thirteenth N. Y. V. Infantry - Orrin S. Brown, Thomas J. Burch, Ichabod McConnell, Steven H. Draper, James Evans, John M. Hyland, William McLeod, Donald McLeod, George O. Richardson. Also Elder Ketchumperformed some church services and preached in the log school house on the Nutt farm. Later he was elected surrogate and died soon after assuming the duties of that office. There are three churches in town, -- Methodist Episcopal, Methodist Protestant and Wesleyan Methodist. Ezra Davis was a pioneer of 1808 a cabinet maker, and also to "Honeoye." John Phillips was also an early settler in the same locality, as were Seth Knowles, David Badgero, Reuben Gilbert, Justis Grout, and in 1808, to the same locality came Butler Lewis, John Leggett, James and Jesse Penfield, the fiddler. Z. C. Andrus, 1851; Nathaniel G. Austin, 1855; Jonas C. Putnam, 1856; Walling Armstrong, 1857-62; Alanson W. Austin, PUBLISHED BY D. MASON & CO., PUBLISHERS The population density was 61.5 people per square mile (23.7/km2). The south and west town lines are the border of Livingston County. The pioneers of Canadice were of two classes,--the frontiersman and the settler. - Cortland - Erie - Essex neighborhood that has always been called "Canadice Hollow." NEW YORK Names - Town - Term Expires of the county, unless, perhaps, it was not begun so early and did not progress so rapidly. The population was 1,664 at the 2010 census. settlers in 1808, or about that year. people found time to attend to spiritual as well as temporal matters, and although they had no regular organization Of the ministers who labored with them, can be recalled the names of the Revs. All pages copyright 2003-2012. John Alger (another early mill builder), John Wilison. 8 of the 5th range of townships of the Phelps and Gorham Purchase; with a triangular piece from No. Pioneers and Early Settlers.- The pioneer settlement of Canadice was not different from that of other towns During the early history of the town, the people worshiped in the old time school houses, having then no regular organization, but their gatherings were none the less sacred and worthy. Canadice The society was soon dissolved and no records exist. and costs, $18.40. CANADICE was formed from Richmond, April 15, 1829, and a part was annexed to Richmond in 1836. B. Bristol, Arthur Osborne, O. - St. Lawrence - Saratoga - Schenectady at that time. Trembly, Kitchel, Bixby, Booth, Havens, Davis, Finney, Yorks, Paine, Broadhead, Clark, Lewis, Barnetson, Bush, and Miller. Post Offices and Postmasters in Ontario County, Post Office - Post Master East hill, or Kimball hill, the ridge of land between Canadice and Honeoye lakes, makes up the balance of the township territory, all gradually lessening in altitude toward the north. Later he was elected surrogate and died soon after assuming the duties of that office. the town were all occupied. Dragoons - James H. Loveland. In the same year a school house was built in the northeast part of the town and Abigail Root was the. The city of Rochester has acquired rights to both of these lakes, and not content with the use of the waters therefrom, is closing them round with city ownership of all contiguous territory and causing all cottages to be removed and beginning a return to primeval days by reforesting. April, 1829, although it was not until the next year that the organization was made complete. The Methodist Church and society alone has found a permanent foothold in this town, and indeed this may be said Within the boundaries of this town, under its various early names, and down to 1829, was included all that now comprises the town of Canadice. - Livingston - Madison - Montgomery Frontier law secured to the first claimant his betterments, and this rule was strenuously adhered to. John Richardson (1870), Elmer Chilson (1810), Jesse Ballard, Samuel Bentley, Cornelius Johnson, Hiram and Samuel It seems, too, from The total value The former erected a temporary dwelling, cleared a small garden patch, and as game grew scarce moved on, always in the van. Hendricks, Rutheford, Fancher, Haines, Rice, Stearns, Newell, Chambers, Welton, Morehouse, Lamont and Hebard. A list of soldiers of the Revolution who later found a home in Canadice, comprises the names of Harry Armstrong, William Gould, Reuben Hamilton, Nathan Morse, Isaiah Smith. 1870-76; Oscar F. Ray, 1877-79; Caleb B. Hyde, 1880-81; Horatio H. Hickok, 1882; D. Willard Beam, 1883; Albert H. Tibbals, 1884-85; Birdsey H. Burch, 1886-87; Thomas Eldridge, 1888-89; Caleb B. Hyde, 1890-91; Lorenzo Winch, 1892-93; Marion J. Becker, 1894-1903; Everett E. Coykendall, 1904-09; Marcus C. Brown, 1910-11. Seventh ___. Maker, J. Robinson, J. K. Tinkham, J. L. S. Grandin, J. M. Park, J. Benson, J. Blivin, J. Armitage, W. Cochran, William Sharp, J. Benson, R. T. Hancock, G. W. Chandler, J. Easter, W. R. Benham, D. Hutchins, O. Trowbridge, J. Watts, S. M. Merritt, J. E. Tiffany, R. T. Hancock, J. E. Tiffany, S. M. Dayton, G. S. Watson, A. H. Maryott, Thompson Jolly, F. D. Mather, H. O. Abbott, J. and compelled to follow him. This organization was perfected in 1796, and in April, 1806, the name was changed to "Honeoye." Clare, Jacob Cannon, Thos. within their limits. of its whole population If the reader will turn to another portion of this work, there will be found many personal and In 1871 the building was repaired, but after ten years more the membership and congregation became so much - Oswego - Putnam - Queens During the early history of the locality the 6, 1830, at which time the officers were elected. and from all sources there was raised for school purposes the sum of $2,041.91, of which $1,679 was paid to teachers. Business places in the surround ing towns of Richmond, Livonia, and Springwater are easy of access. google_ad_slot = "9815447669"; the many have undoubtedly been lost. of early settlers may be recorded, and we mention Alvin Anderson, John Ray, Elisha Prior, E. Weed, Rev.   Copyright © Genealogy Trails - Herkimer - Jefferson - Lewis The first school house built on Kimball hill was in 1812, and the earliest teachers were Belinda Jackson, Eliza Wilds and Almira Hubbard. - Washington - Wayne - Yates. first teacher. Its meetings were the town undertaker for a time. In the meantime application was made to Hon. Amos Chapman, who preached regularly for many years. 1, New York, 1911; Transcribed by SA McK] We also have a link to the Hemlock Fair Homepage, History of St. Michael's Mission Another son, Nathaniel G. Austin, was supervisor in 1855. and named "Pittstown." and also that of the locality. Under the school system now and for many years past employed, the town is now divided UNDER the act of January 27, 1789, a large district of territory in Ontario county was given an organization Rev. For every 100 females, there were 103.1 males. As of the census[4] of 2000, there were 1,846 people, 774 households, and 516 families residing in the town. John Copeland preached on that occasion and a good revival followed. This organization was perfected in 1796, and in April, 1806, the name was changed Following this time, settlement became more rapid and within a few years the most desirable lands of the town were all occupied. Other pioneers who came to town about the same time were William Gould, a Vermonter and Revolutionary soldier. George Andruss - Canadice - 1867 Brown, John Burch, Amasa T. Winch, David Snook, Peter Walling, Joseph Tague, John Myres, George Anderson, Joseph Struble, Henry S. Ogden, Lorenzo Winch, Isaac Struble, J. R. Partridge, Asher B. Norton, G. W. Sharpsteen, W. S. Doolittle, Noah Struble, B. H. Burch, C. B. Hyde, O. F. Ray, D. W. Beam, E. C.Huff, H. C. Branch, L. M. Doolittle, Frank Doolittle, A. H. Tibbals, M. J. Becker, G. W. Affolter, E. B. Henry, Scott W. Bush, and W. E. Winch. At this time the nearest postoffice was at Canandaigua and the nearest grist mill at Hopewell. Soon after this the "Port House" went up in smoke and thus ended the issue. Rev. Hall, William A. Barber, Joseph Chapman, J. J. In view of this and the further fact that the pioneer history of the town has been so fully written These are respectively During the last current year the total school tax of the town was $857.97, as early as 1809 in the log school-house, and three years later Elder Wright conducted a successful revival. comprises the town of Canadice. HISTORY OF THE TOWN OF CANADICE. The Legend of Onnolee - First a Part of Richmond - Organized as a Separate Town in 1829 - The Pioneers - First School Houses and Teachers - Succession of Supervisors - Church History - Soldiers of 1812-14 and 1861-65 - Without Drinking Resorts for Over Forty Years. [Source: Gazetteer and business directory of Ontario County, N.Y. for 1867-8, compiled and pub. The surface consists of a high, broken upland, separated into two ridges by Canadice Lake. Preston Thayer (1820), Joseph S. Spencer, James Bowker, Norman and David Butler (1815), Isaac Sergeant, Jehiel among whom there can be recalled the names of Wm. - Niagara - Oneida - Onondaga Bros., where are made barrels, staves and lumber. First N. Y. V. Mounted Rifles - William C. Tucker, George Culver, Heman Cole, Arnold G. Coykendall, William N. Simons, Harrison J. Babcock, Ira D. Durgy, James E. Cole, William H. Hutchinson, William E. Thorpe, Henry S.Thorpe, William I. Bishop, Willard D. Caskey. The Hon. - Rensselaer - Richmond - Rockland EDITD BY: GEORGE S. CONOVER (Copied from the Records in the Co. Canadice occupies a position in the southwestern part of the county, and is more remote and inaccessible from the Another change was made in April, 1815, and the town then became known as "Richmond." Jacob Holdren married Hunt's daughter, Jane, and built a cabin on the west side of Honeoye inlet and made a clearing. Reuben Hamilton, 1830-32; John Winch, 1833; Andrew Ward, 1834; John Shank, 1835-36; Hiram Colegrove, 1837-40; Robert Armstrong, 1841; Hiram Colegrove, 1842-43; 1845-46; 1852-54; Mark L. Ray, 1844; Joseph S. Secor, 1847; Maurice Brown, 1848-50; Z. C. Andruss, 1851; Nathaniel G. Austin, 1855; Jonas C. Putnam, 1856; Walling Armstrong, 1857-62; Alanson W. Austin, 1863-65; George Andruss, 1866-69; Amasa T. Winch. Seth Knowles, David Badgro, Reuben Gilbert, Justus Grout New York State Route 15A is a north-south highway in the town. In March, 1845, a Wesleyan Methodist Society was formed in Canadice, and, like some preceding it, flourished for Farrar, James and Henry Hewitt, James Hampton, and others whose nathes are equally worthy of mention, but among the territory afterward so named, Moses Hartwell, Samuel Wilson, Bartlett Clark, Timothy Parker, Nathan Beers, - Steuben - Suffolk - Tioga Meetings were held in school and private houses and sometimes in barns, and the class and congre gation became so large that a meeting house was necessary for their accommodation. Israel D. Trembly. Ebenezer Ingraham frequently held meetings The Christian church of the towns of Canadice and Springwater held meetings for several years in the Waite school house. Lying wholly within the western central part of the town is Canadice lake, from which the town takes its name. by reference to an earlier chapter, the reader will learn the interesting events connected with its early history,

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