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the Legislative Assembly, Session of 1869. [1], The hospital currently can accommodate 192 patients through five clinical treatment and rehabilitation programs:[7].

It has a large gabled roof and gabled roofs on the western wings, all of which have overhanging eaves. articles/lectures, Forgotten Australians, Stolen Generations It’s about time we make things right There are two ground floor verandahs on the eastern elevation overlooking the cricket oval, either side of a central projecting gable.
A service road runs along the western side and the surroundings of the buildings are paved in concrete with a raised garden strip containing mature trees between the buildings and Barrett Drive. These offices are constructed of plasterboard. The sandstone core is long and rectangular in plan with a projecting two-storeyed bay with timber verandahs on the south elevation.

Recreational facilities had vastly improved and the complex now had three tennis courts, a viewing pavilion and terraces and an oval considered one of the best cricket grounds in the state. [1], Important elements from the capital works program of the 1920s and 30s include the Visitor's Pavilion (1920), Osler House (1929), the shelter shed at the rear of Female Wards 1&2 (1929), Pearce House (1934), Kelsey House (1936), Gladstone House (1936), Jenner House (1936) and the Gailes Golf Course (1922–25). This Wikipedia article incorporates text from "The Queensland heritage register" published by the State of Queensland under CC-BY 3.0 AU licence (accessed on 7 July 2014, archived on 8 October 2014).

This Act consolidated the State's role in the treatment and regulation of insane people and remained in force for over fifty years.

[1], The pump houses and reservoir (1914) are located adjacent to Ellerton Drive, the principal access to the administration area. art, Forgotten Australians, memories, poetry, Stolen Generations

Most of the new buildings are domestic in scale and character and include accommodation for patients and medical and administrative facilities. It is built on concrete foundations and contains Babcock & Wilcox tube boilers. A second storey was added, constructed to the design of Charles Tiffin in 1875, and other substantial alterations and additions were made to the building in both 1904 and 1923.

There is a verandah on the ground floor on the western elevation with brick and timber piers and stairs located both centrally and at each end. Member of the Historical Abuse Network, Queensland.

In 1851, when the opportunity to buy land in the area arose, he purchased 640 acres to the east and soon built Wolston House further down the Brisbane River. Arts and Crafts influences are evident in the massing of the hipped roof forms and the use of unpainted brickwork contrasting with coloured roughcast plaster above sill height. The superintendent Dr Canaan claimed responsibility for the building's design, based on principles recommended in the standard treatise on asylum construction, The Construction and Government of Lunatic Asylums of 1847 by John Conolly.

1, Australian Asylums and Their Histories (2009), Australian and New Zealand Society of the History of Medicine, Inc, Access everything in the JPASS collection, Download up to 10 article PDFs to save and keep, Download up to 120 article PDFs to save and keep. The new Mental Health Act of 1962 placed a greater emphasis on voluntary admission and the complex became known as the Brisbane Special Hospital. beautifully situated in a bend of the river...The house is placed on Its branches organize local activities.

It was the former operating room and has a five-sided projecting bay with large windows in each section.

The hospital provides a range of mental health services, including extended inpatient care, mental health research, education and a high security psychiatric unit. Rhonda shares a poem about life as a teenager in the adult maximum security ward in Wolston Park Hospital, Queensland. Some of the women consulted were placed inside Osler House, which included adults with a mental illness who had been 6r K\�|*�m2�`���Z/���A�n�F�t�7�%kO�8d�D:{ɧƼ�PM�=ǐ?q�P��#��0\���&�C�^�b� 1C����WH��4�ט�T�r,�s�5�_0+=���/�(���/mx�K��XU��}���r����7eQ��W)֗��~�~b� C^��f�� Ь?D\�_�M�:�.��K���k��2(�gNɥQ��Ӏ������f�z�ʝ�>q�@�gWT���gzT�whV

Two Farm Sheds (1916) are located across a road to the north of the former ward. It has a hipped roof with boxed-in eaves and decorative timber brackets. Each of the buildings has terracotta tiled roofs and large casement windows which have aluminium security screens fitted on the outside. The building has four large gabled roofs, each of which has two raised roof lanterns that allow light to penetrate the large interior spaces of the building. Several major building projects, which reflected these changing ideas, were undertaken at Wolston Park during the 1970s, as well as extensive re-modelling of existing structures. It is a small hexagonal building with a rectangular wing with gabled roof located at the back. [1], The site of the new asylum had "been formerly occupied by the residence of Dr Stephen Simpson, the Commissioner of Crown lands."

Clumps of Oleander bushes are formally spaced along both sides of the lower entry drive.

It provided accommodation for 60 patients and was located on a sloping site close to the existing female wards. There is a verandah on the ground floor on the northern side, overlooking the cricket oval. [1], Postwar elements include Dawson House (1944), the Female Recreation Area encompassing the cafeteria (1955), workroom (1950) and shelter sheds (1955). He believed that mental illness "demands active therapy, and treatment must not become merely custodial" and urged the use of new types of treatment such as insulin, cardiazol and electrotherapy. The Recreation Hall was erected in 1890 and was used as a sewing room by female patients during the days and was also available for dances, concerts and church services.

[1], A boom in the Queensland economy and a major increase in expenditure on public works was the impetus for a more substantial building program at the asylum during the 1880s. All Rights Reserved. Narrow casement windows with concrete sills and lintels are found on all elevations. The central projecting wing is the largest. Ward A occupies the single-storeyed section and Ward B is partly two-storey.

Here, she shares six poems. Location of The Park Centre for Mental Health in Queensland, Changes in treatment and accommodation from 1908. ('Local Two elevated brick pavilions (bathhouses) with raised roof lanterns, concrete floors and supporting posts are located either side of the projecting bay.

The buildings are all single-storeyed brick buildings with unusual crab-like plan-forms, set within gardens enclosed with low wire fences. The entrance is given greater prominence by two tower-like wings with separate hipped roof located on either side of the port cochere. Tennis courts, bowling green (1951), bowling green clubhouse (1968) and plant nursery (original bush house established 1911) are located at the northern end.

I want to build community an awareness so that my story could stop it from happening to another child or family again. Lewis House, McDonnell House, Noble House, Osler House and Pearce House are all located along Barrett Drive to the west of the cricket oval. A statue of St Dymphna (the Catholic Patron Saint of the Mentally Ill) is located about 20 metres (66 ft) to the east. Mental asylum mass exhumations and missing remains: the tale of Wolston Park’s lost and forgotten patients.

Roof lanterns are located above the central hallway of the rear wings and are visible from the outside of the building although they are closed-in by recent false ceilings in the interior. I have really tried to right it like it is, so this isn't for the faint hearted.

The facade is symmetrical with pared-back classical architectural detailing around entry doors and some sets of windows.
Ellerton was superintendent of the hospital for 28 years, retiring in 1936. [1], In 1976 the Minister for Health released a paper on the Care of the Intellectually Handicapped, which proved to be the catalyst for significant changes in the delivery of mental health services.

Rhonda Trivett, at the age of 13, from 1974 – 1981, was locked in the maximum security ward (Osler House), in Wolston Park Hospital, Brisbane. Most of the other staff resided off the site.

[1], During Ellerton's period in charge, the asylum had undergone considerable material improvement and a number of essential services such as electricity, water and a hospital had been established. Creek forms the western boundary of the property'. A tall timber picket fence encloses the yard adjacent to the shed. A large bush house, 100 yards long and 20 yards wide, was established in 1911 to maintain a steady supply of pot plants for the wards and recreation hall and to provide seedlings and young plants for the gardens throughout the asylum (no longer extant).

The building has two interior staircases, a lift and an external concrete fire escape stair.

[1], The Former Hospital (1917) is located to the north of the Administration Building, across grassed terraces built by patients. The front (eastern) elevation has a single gable roof and a small verandah. The main entrance on the eastern elevation features an arched port cochere, adjacent to an oval driveway with formal landscape elements, including plantings of cycads. It was recognised that a building with a basement could be built on such topography, with the basement accommodating treatment rooms for cardiazol therapy, insulin therapy, malaria therapy, somnifaine or continuous narcosis therapy and other medical treatments. You never got fed. The hospital was again renamed the Goodna Mental Hospital and the hospital was reorganized into two units, one for the chronically ill requiring a secure environment and the other for acute and recovering patients. the south bank, is Woogaroo, the residence of Dr Simpson... which is They are constructed of cream brick with hipped, corrugated colourbond steel roofs with boxed eaves.

There are also another 80 allied health staff, and 50 administration personnel.

A tall timber fence surrounded the building and timber outbuildings accommodated a kitchen, bathroom and staff areas. These have corrugated iron roofs with small roof lanterns and regularly spaced sash windows.

Verandahs were located at ground level on the northern side of the building, overlooking the cricket oval that had been laid out by patient labour.

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