remington slugger rifled slugs review

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Slugger® Managed-Recoil® Rifled Slugs offer remarkably effective performance but with 45% less felt recoil than full velocity Sluggers. These barrels have 3” chambers and broach cut rifling with a 1 in 26 twist. Very happy with Velicuty Ammo. Also, at 1760 fps muzzle velocity, our 3" 12-ga. Magnum slugs shoot… I am firearms instructor, competitive shooter and IPSC Range Officer. (Photo: Jason Wimbiscus). Foster slugs came along in the early 1930s and represented a moderate improvement over round balls. This group was made from about 50 meters (55 yards) from 28 inch barrel with Improved Cylinder choke: The Slugger High-Velocity Slugs can be purchased at most online sporting goods stores. The 12-gauge rifled tube I obtained for my test was manufactured by Carlson’s Choke Tubes of Atwood, Kansas and sports a slow, 1 in 35 rate of twist with a groove diameter of .730 inches. What more could you ask for? For those just now coming across this model, how has it stood up over the years? The group printed by the Brenneke Super Sabots through the rifled choke tube. Obviously, such theoretical problems with rifled choke tubes must not be as big an issue as the detractors claim. It seems that this particular gun/choke tube system prefers 3-inch, foster slug loads which is something to keep in mind during future load development projects. Do Rifled Choke Tubes Improve Slug Accuracy. Timney Triggers is proud to offer a lifetime warranty on all of their products, and each trigger is proudly “Made in the USA”. slightly OT , my Win. Enhance…, Remington's Premier Accutip line of bonded sabot slugs is the perfect solution to your big-game hunting needs if you live in a slug-only state. Loaded to the highest…, …slugs from Remington are the first-ever Foster-style high-velocity lead slug on the market for big-game hunting. The 3000R doesn’t have all the frills of more expensive slug guns, but with such an attractive price tag you’ll get used to it quickly. These barrels are constructed from certified ordinance grade carbon steel. Stay in the know. Above: the groups printed by the Brenneke K.O. Four Years Later: IWI Tavor SAR Revisited. It's the largest tipped slug you'll…, …on the market can offer. LE Slug. Your email address will not be published. You’ll either have to contact Remington and fill out an order request or you can contact your local retailer which carries this ammunition and ask to order a case through them. And since the shooter is able to recover the target more quickly after firing, the accuracy and speed of the second shots is greatly improved. I will have to pick up a few boxes of the 3" as well now. The group produced by the rifled tune is on the left target and the group produced by the cylinder tube is on the right target. With a price point around $300 and a lot of standard features for that amount of green, the new Taurus G3C gives the buyer a lot of bang for the buck. Remington Premier Magnum Copper-Plated Buffered Turkey 12 ga 3 1/2" MAX 2 1/4 oz #4 1150 fps - 10/box, Truglo Remington Pro Series Slug Gun Sight, Truglo Double Threat Dove Dual-Position Choke Tube - Remington Charles Daly Mossberg, Carlson's Remington 870 Barrel 12ga, 24" Fully Rifled with Adjustable Sights, Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug 20 ga 2 3/4" 260 gr Slug 1850 fps - 5/box, Remington Slugger Rifled Slug 12 ga 2 3/4" MAX 1 oz Slug 1560 fps - 5/box, Remington Premier Expander Sabot Slug Shotshell 20 ga 2-3/4" 1825 fps Slug 5/ct, Remington Premier AccuTip Bonded Sabot Slug 12 ga 3" 385 gr Slug 1900 fps - 5/box, Remington Premier Expander Sabot Slug Shotshell 12 ga 3" 1550 fps Slug 5/ct, Remington Premier Expander Sabot Slug Shotshell 20 ga 3" 1900 fps Slug 5rd, Remington Slugger High-Velocity Rifled Slug 12 ga 2 3/4" MAX 7/8 oz Slug 1800 fps - 5/box, Carlson's Remington 870 Barrel 12ga, 24" Fully Rifled with Cantilever Base, Remington Slugger Rifled Slug 12 ga 3" MAX 1 oz Slug 1760 fps - 5/box, Remington Premier Expander Sabot Slug Shotshell 12 ga 2-3/4" 1450 fps 1450 fps 5/ct. While testing these barrels we have had best accuracy with Sabot Slugs.…, …are a slug gun hunter, turkey fanatic or trap shooter the Timney 870 Trigger Fix will simply allow you to become more accurate with your pump shotgun. Used by law enforcement it is slightly oversized for better performance in smooth barrel shotguns, forming a better seal against the barrel walls. This masterpiece of aerodynamics consistently prints tiny 100-yard groups and transfers tremendous knockdown force to the farthest reaches of shotgun range.

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