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A SGT in the Army is an E-5, a SSG is an E-6. There are three ranks in the Russian Armed Forces which are explicitly sergeant ranks: junior sergeant (младший сержант, mladshy serzhant), sergeant (сержант, serzhant) and senior sergeant (старший сержант, starshy serzhant). Offset UTC +8:00 hours.

While there were still two sergeants assigned as section leaders in each platoon, a new position of "assistant to platoon commander" was filled by the senior ranking sergeant of the three assigned to assist the lieutenant in leading the unit. Chief petty officers and flight sergeants are not required to call a warrant officer class two "sir" in accordance with Australian Defence Force Regulations 1952 (Regulation 8). Privates, who are the basic manpower strength and grade of the Army, generally have sergeants as their first NCO leader. It is senior to constable but junior to sub-inspector. Assignable to any billet in the Army, the CSM is all those things, and more, of each of the preceding grades of rank. These factors include failure to pass an annual physical fitness proficiency test, poor performance, or being charged for offences. The first sergeant holds formations, instructs platoon sergeants, advises the Commander, and assists in training of all enlisted members. All government property issued to members of their unit is properly maintained and accounted for at all times and discrepancies are promptly reported.

Sergeants are normally section and team leaders and are a critical link in the NCO channel. All three sergeant ranks are informally referred to as "sergeant", or "sarge". Instead of the horizontal bars of non-NCO enlisted ranks, they use chevrons as their rank insignia. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. In late 1971, Headquarters, Continental Army Command (CONARC) received approval from the Chief of Staff of the Army for permission to include women in the Drill Sergeant Program. The rank of sergeant in the Hellenic armed forces corresponds to NATO grade OR-6 according to STANAG 2116, and it is called the following in the three branches: lochías (Greek: Λοχίας) in the land army, sminías (Greek: Σμηνίας) in the air force and kelefstís (Greek: Κελευστής) in the navy. A Sergeant is most often promoted from Corporal (CPL), although promotion from lower paygrades may occur with sufficient display of leadership and experience. Military rank is a badge of leadership. There are higher ranks of flight sergeant and flight quartermaster sergeant. In many metropolitan police forces in both India and Pakistan, a sergeant (called armed sub-inspectors in some states) is equivalent to a police sub-inspector. The 1SG may swagger and appear, at times, somewhat of an exhibitionist, but he is not egotistical.

Before 1994, the Air Corps was considered part of the army and wore army uniforms with distinct corps badges, but the same rank insignia. In 1781, a fifth sergeant was authorized in each company to serve as company first sergeant, although a separate grade of rank was not established until 1831. The term "sergeant" is also used in many appointment titles. Advancement from officer to captain is generally by appointment after successful completion of a series of examinations, and after the officer has sufficient time in grade.

Offset UTC -6:00 hours 4:30 pm 16:30 Singapore Time (SGT).

Although not the lowest level of rank where command is exercised, this level is the first at which enlisted soldiers are referred to as sergeant, and of all the grades of the NCO, this one, very possibly, has the greatest impact on the lower ranking soldiers. The etymology of the term is from Anglo-French sergant, serjant "servant, valet, court official, soldier", from Middle Latin servientem "servant, vassal, soldier". The Naval equivalent is petty officer. The insignia of a staff sergeant in the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is four chevrons worn point up. Volume 1, Article 102 "Definitions". There are two fire teams in a 9-man rifle squad, which is led by a staff sergeant. Grades above captain are generally by appointment of the chief/sheriff. Perhaps their rank insignia should be the keystone rather than the traditional one depicted here. They usually commanded a section of twenty men with two corporals under him. What terms are used, and what seniority they signify, is to a great extent dependent on the individual armed service.

The NCO enforces standards and develops and trains soldiers daily in their military occupational specialty and unit mission.[20]. Click here to learn more about promotion to Sergeant, see this Army rank to GS grade conversion table. Staff sergeants rank above sergeants and are responsible for a unit or team within a station or division. [13][14] The rank of Third Sergeant and Sergeant is held by cadets who have been appointed as Non-Commissioned Officers by their units and thus have the power to command a squad. These ranks, staff sergeant through sergeant major, are always referred to by their full rank and never merely as "sergeant". Artillery sergeants are usually assigned as detachment and section commanders, as well as in administrative roles. Since the second half of the 17th century Maate were the lowest class of non-commissioned officers aboard a warship. Only a few non-commissioned officers in each conscript company reach the higher rank of full three-chevron kersantti. Sergeant (Chinese: 上士; pinyin: Shàng Shi) of the Taiwanese military ranks above staff sergeant and below master sergeant third class,[15] making it different from the armed forces of other countries where sergeant ranks lower than staff sergeant. Sergeants (and constables) in service with the Metropolitan Police – responsible for law enforcement in Greater London, have a "shoulder number", analogous to the collar number of regional forces, which is distinct from the warrant number on their warrant card. A Sergeant is the second-lowest grade of NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer), directly above Corporal.

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