snapdragon spray skirt size chart

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The circumference is the measurement around the very outer edge of the rim, not under the coaming where the bungee or rand fits. ; Tunnel size: The part of the skirt you’ll be wearing. Reach out to our customer service team. 2.) Unfortunately these qualities don’t always work together: Combine these facts with the almost infinite variety of cockpit rims out there and you end up with a real conundrum. 4.5 out of 5 stars 63. SPRAY SKIRT FIT CHART. Products are great and service is fantastic. Use this popup to embed a mailing list sign up form. You may find that where most people recommend a large cockpit skirt you may actually prefer an XL. As you get closer to the edges, that number falls. Select the Model of your kayak. We will too. With that number in mind, you can use the following chart: If your skirt falls right in the middle of a size, chances are that about 90% of the customers out there would choose that size skirt. 4.1 out of 5 stars 6. $190.00 $ 190. 4.1 out of 5 stars 6. Skirt fit is one of the trickiest aspects of kayaking gear. This is a great neo deck, but I found the snapdragon fit list for my boat was too lg. You are using a web browser we don't support. Please submit your cockpit dimensions to us if they are not already available here at Snapdragon Neoprene Pit … All Rights Reserved. Place the order with one of our dealers and mail the template to Snap Dragon. For instance, 90% of customers would choose a large cockpit skirt for an 88″ inch circumference rim. This is best accomplished by visiting one of our many retailers across the country who stock our skirts. We’ve been making skirts for a long time. Selecting a spray skirt or cockpit cover that fits your kayak can get complicated when you factor in all of the different kayak models that are available. Only a small percentage of our our stronger, more demanding customers would want to put a large cockpit skirt on a boat with an 91″ rim. GBP 220 West Broadway Avenue Madison, WI 53716. The fit list on their site called for a lg deck size but I was getting some leaking. If you get a skirt with a neoprene tunnel, though, you need to measure the circumference of your “midriff” (the tunnel top sits higher than your waist, but below your chest). 4.8 out of 5 stars 4. The Sizing listed below are approximations. But make sure to use the right skirt style/skirt length for the right occasion - see our Skirth Length/Style Guide. FREE Shipping. Get it as soon as Thu, Nov 5. This can be done with most boats by visiting Tube: 3mm Neoprene Color: Black. Upon completing these steps, your spray skirt results … We know the purchase of a skirt takes some patience and trial and error. FREE Shipping by Amazon. By Eva | October 30, 2018. Tube Sizing Index XX-Small 24-26" X-Small 26-28" Small 28-30" Medium 30-32" Large 32-34" X-Large 34-36" XX-Large 38-40" Deck: 3.5mm supratex neoprene easy fit sewn-in shock cord Color: Black Deck size: xxs, xs, s, m, l, xl, xxl. We are also a top. The best measurement is the circumference, but barring that, you can use the length and width. *Excludes Hobie, Jackson Kayaks, Thule and special order products as well as all oversize items. Everyone wants a dry skirt that’s durable, easy to get on, and affordable. Many thanks, Rutabaga. 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And we guess you do too!? I fired off a note to the customer service address and they got the order corrected before it shipped. The Snap Dragon Spray Skirt arrived in good time and I was using it the next day! On paper (not cardboard or wood) trace with black marker around the outside edge of the rim. Snap Dragon Whitewater Spray Skirts Deck Sizing. Powered by WordPress.Designed by CAD DKK 95. Adding to the complexity is the number of different spray skirts and covers available and how they are sized. If all else fails, we can have custom skirts built from a template for a small additional charge. Select the Manufacturer of your kayak. There’s nothing wrong with that – skirt sizing is very subjective. Snap Dragon Designs' Ocean Trek is designed for sea kayaking enthusiasts who want a durable skirt with a watertight seal. Stronger materials usually have less stretch and make skirts harder to put on. BOAT BRAND BOAT MODEL HARMONY SKIRT SIZE BOREAL DESIGN Inukshuk (RM) 34/19 BOREAL DESIGN Kasko (RM) 34/19 BOREAL DESIGN Labrador 34/19 BOREAL DESIGN Minganie 34/19 BOREAL DESIGN Muktuk (RM) 34/19 BOREAL DESIGN Nanook 36/19 BOREAL DESIGN Narwhal 34/19 BOREAL DESIGN Ookpik 36/19 BOREAL DESIGN Ookpik-Duo (tandem) T89/29 … If your skirt falls right in the middle of a size, chances are that about 90% of the customers out there would choose that size skirt. JPY, Free U.S. Choosing the right spray skirt involves three considerations: Skirt Type: There are three types of skirts – basic bungee, advanced bungee, and rand style skirts. 21st Street Suite #15 Bellevue, WA 98007 Measurements should be taken at the high point where the tube will ride, usually the sternum or lower rib cage. 95. Free Shipping On orders over $99 | Local Pick-up Now Available at checkout. If you do not see your boat listed, drop us a note or give us a call at (360) 297-4659 and we can help you determine the best fit. I ordered two spray skirts from Rutabaga and no sooner than I clicked 'order now' I realized I ordered one in the wrong size. Immersion Research Klingon Kayak Spray Skirt. By clicking enter you are verifying that you are old enough to consume alcohol. 0 Comment. The result is that finding the correct size spray skirt for a given boat can be hit-or-miss. Thank you for such great service! All Rights Reserved. For specific spray skirt and cockpit cover sizing information for Seals Skirts, please click the link below and complete the following steps: 1.) NOK Reviewed by: Karen Cramer from Bothell, WA. As you get closer to the edges, that number falls. BOAT BRAND BOAT MODEL HARMONY SKIRT SIZE AQUA FUSION Breeze 38/20 AQUA FUSION Liberty 38/20 AQUA FUSION Quest 32/18 AZUL Apex LV 41/23 AZUL Argon 38/20 AZUL Aspen 32/18 AZUL Atlantis 41/23 AZUL Calypso 34/19 AZUL Corsair 34/19 AZUL Diablo 36/19 AZUL Echo (tandem) 34/19 AZUL Eden 32/18 AZUL Iskar 32/18 AZUL Kronos 34/19 AZUL Krypton 41/23 AZUL Mystic 10.5 - 12.5 …

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