why is a group of stingrays called a fever

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The codgers said "12 pounds, easy" and the like, which thrilled me as it was at least six times bigger than anything else I had ever caught. I'd never seen that before and it was quite a sight.A "fever" of them would be super amazing at water level.It is, but more difficult to see the extent of the fever. I saw a ray jump clear of the water near the Jolley bridge on Marcos island when we were kayaking last weekend. 2. I saw a ray jump clear of the water near the Jolley bridge on Marcos island when we were kayaking last weekend. Fever via Amanda Benham. Mobulas are a bit smaller and can easily jump out of the water. Oddly enough, the Snopes.com page on the subject is missing. I was at a loss as to what to do with it, however. They swam along with the … Stingrays like to bury themselves in sand and lay motionless on the seafloor. Last week a rather large ‘fever’ of stingrays was filmed flocking off the coast of Tampa Bay Florida. This sounded plausible to me since the morsels were remarkably uniform. When the cownose ray is threatened they have a specialized barb at the base of their tail built for defense. In 2015, up to 2,000 cases in Baltimore were overturned after police were accused of “deliberate and willful misrepresentation” of evidence obtained using Stringray devices, according to the Guardian. "A chamberpot of Democrats."Excellent. Did I say that this was an extraordinary experience? The most common type of ray in these aggregations are mobula rays. After I got back into the boat a couple of the whales surface and came up right by the boat and kind of rolled over a bit and looked at us. Adult cownose rays can grow to 1.1m in width (45 inch) and weigh nearly 23kg (50 pounds) or more. What an awesome, transcendent experience that was. The clips show various species of rays. I'm not being a dick, I just want the source of this meme. The FBI, using its own Stingray and an “augmentation device,” located the suspect and brought him into custody, according to a court affidavit. Shiver via ryn413. The whales were migrating and there were a lot of them. Did I say they were enormous? Ars Technica presented the court affidavits to privacy activists, who think the FBI had a more advanced Stingray at the time of the arrest. They look like like Cownose rays to me. “We believe that Oakland only had an older 2G/3G Stingray, based on public records in our possession,” said Brian Hofer, chair of the City of Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission. The documents show Oakland police used its Stingray device for several hours while in search of a suspect in an attempted murder of a police officer under a “trap-and-trace” court order. The dasyatid stingrays, also called whip-tailed rays and stingarees, inhabit all oceans and certain South American rivers. If skate tasted that good I wondered why skate wasn't sold as itself.BubBrown's comment moved me to research the possible substitution of skate for scallops. I drove into one once on the way from Vegas to Phoenix. Yes I said fever! They didn't show a closeup of the large group. It was so extraordinary I can hardly believe it happened, I remember it almost like a dream. The calf swam by above me, the mother below me. Make a 1-time donation or set up a monthly donation of any amount you choose: which is why their teeth are more like a rasp than a steak knife. California Governor Jerry Brown signed a law in 2015 that mandated Stingray use be covered by a full search warrant, rather than a trap-and-trace order. "Probably because the reason for both the existence and the name is about to be announced: man-caused global warming. The court documents were ordered released by a judge in Oakland, California, in the case United States v. Ellis et al, which involves four men charged with attempted murder of a local police officer in January 2013. Cloud of grasshoppers is very apt. Evidently they make good eating. © Autonomous Nonprofit Organization “TV-Novosti”, 2005–2020. Answer for question: Your name: Answers.

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