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That’s my great-grandparents pictured below, circa 1915…he was about 24 years old here, she was 21. He was a Canadian soldier, she was a beautiful English gal from Brighton. It’s crazy to realize…this picture was taken 103 years ago. The picture to the right of them is my great-uncle, Roland. Around the world, people were praying that their fathers, sons and brothers would return home. WWI was one of the deadliest conflicts in the history of the human race and an estimated 37 million people perished. My great-grandfather made it home, my great-uncle Roland did not.


Eldon & Maud 1915 Uncle Roland

Remembrance Day Ceremonies in Sherwood Park will be held at Millennium Place; in Fort Saskatchewan with a parade from the Fort Fire Station to the cenotaph. We understand there are additional ceremonies being held at the cenotaph on Highway 14 near Hastings Lake, and in Antler Lake Hall.

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