Tomatoes gardening Sherwood Park

Gardening...cheaper than therapy...

...and you get tomatoes.

We have some excellent greenhouses. Scattered throughout the region, they range from beautiful boutiques to no-nonsense growers of bedding plants.

  • Aspen Ridge Greenhouses - Seasonal greenhouse with lots of creative baskets! Good location, just south of Wye Road, off Highway 21.
  • Country Road Greenhouses - Just 5 km south of Sherwood Park, just take Clover Bar Road straight out. Small seasonal greenhouse.
  • Estate Gardens Greenhouse - Seasonal rural greenhouse, specializing in custom orders of baskets & containers.
  • Greenland Garden Centre - One of the largest in the region, Greenland offers a wide variety of high-end products and services including a botanical garden and Branches Garden Cafe (a local favourite!).
  • Hastings Lake Gardens - Greenhouse & weddings! Seasonal greenhouse, about 25 minute drive from Sherwood Park.
  • Salisbury Greenhouse - Salisbury is one of the largest in the region, hosts a Farmer's Market and has a super fun garden boutique. They also have a landscaping business and offer affordable landscape design planning.
  • South Cooking Lake Greenhouses - "City Selection, Country Prices"...seasonal greenhouse with great selection & fantastic prices.
  • Theil’s Greenhouse - Greenhouse in Bruderheim, they offer a satellite location in Fort Saskatchewan during peak season. They also offer workshops, DIY private parties and a tonne of fun on their Facebook page.
  • Wallish Greenhouses - Seasonal greenhouse, just north of Highway 16. They specialize in local plants that will thrive in our climate.
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DID YOU KNOW - free mulch

Tree farms

Tree farms are awesome little places to get your bigger landscaping plants from…not only is it environmentally friendly to shop directly from a tree farm (shop local rather than shipping to another site), they usually offer specialty services specific to trees and shrubs. If you are lacking the expertise to decide which tree, when to plant, how to plant, etcetera, then it’s certainly worth considering using a tree farm!

Local Tree Farms:

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a beautiful thing! These collaborative spaces are often utilizing unused areas to grow food, fresh healthy produce for very little cost. They rely on the support and participation of the community and are accessible to everyone.

Local Community Gardens

  • Fort Saskatchewan has two Community Gardens, available for about $20/plot.
  • Strathcona County has several Community Gardens, School Gardens and Edible Planters. Want to start your own garden? Strathcona County offers some great supports - read more.

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