Brunch sherwood park

Let's do Brunch!

What's not to love about an amazing meal spent with friends and/or family to kick start your day?!? We have wonderful national chains & franchises like Cora and Tutti Frutti, Albert's, Denny's and the like...they're easy to find. We've tried to select our more unique independently owned joints and some of them are a little off the beaten track.

picture of brunch
Brunch sherwood park
picture of brunch in sherwood park, alberta

If you're in the mood for something delicious... are a few of our local favourites.

  • Average Joe's - Sherwood Park sports bar, home of the Sunday Football Brunch!
  • Branches - Lovely little upscale bistro in the heart of Greenland Garden Centre, Sherwood Park.
  • Clark's Restaurant - Unpretentious local eatery in Sherwood Park - it's been around forever, that should say something.
  • Country Roads Restaurant - Local treasure to rural Strathcona County & popular truck stop along Highway 16.
  • Eat Clean Grill - Sherwood Park franchise store that features a few healthy selections for breakfast fare.
  • Eggcellent P'eats - Modest little eatery downtown Fort Saskatchewan, it's a local well-loved gem.
  • Headquarters Restaurant and Bar - Classic breakfast fare near Festival Place in Sherwood Park. Great central location.
  • Highway 21 Restaurant - Traditional truck stop greasy spoon, south of Sherwood Park on highway 21.
  • La Mesa Grill - Formerly Eggs & Co, located in the Brandt Hotel, Fort Saskatchewan, featuring great value breakfast specials.
  • Polos - Featuring brunch on the weekends, nice establishment in the Hampton Inn in Sherwood Park.
  • The Atlantic Kitchen - East Coasters rejoice! They have fried bologna on the menu here. Downtown Fort Saskatchewan.
  • Toast Breakfast and Lunch- Fantastic addition to the Sherwood Park eating scene, we highly recommend.


Starbucks, Tim Horton's and Second Cup franchises are scattered through most of our neighborhoods and of course we love will never have to go very far to find one if you're in Sherwood Park or Fort Saskatchewan. In addition to those classic national favourites, we have  some unique local gems that are definitely worth checking out.

Great Local Coffee Shops

  • Cafe Bench - located in Fort Saskatchewan's Stars Inn and Suites, the new cafe is receiving rave reviews from its patrons.
  • Cafe Haven - A little cafe and bistro with a pretty active social scene. From open mic nights to Wednesday Wine and weekend brunch, there is certainly more to this place than meets the eye! Lots of seating, great place to sit back with a book or studying.
  • Common Ground Community Cafe - A volunteer run, non-profit community cafe in Sherwood Park. Just for its volunteer and community spirit we love this place, but top it up with great coffee, delicious food and open mic's a terrific place.
  • Roasti Coffee Co. - HOT and newer on the Sherwood Park coffee shop scene, Roasti was established as a coffee roastery in 2016. We're not sure if "roastery" is actually a word or if they coined the phrase, but we're in love with them, either way. They've built a great reputation in the capital region and the new coffee bar is being tremendously well-received by local coffee connoisseurs.

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