Thrift, Consignment & Upcycling

There are all kinds of fantastic reasons to upcycle, thrift shop and to donate items for others to be able to do the same! Just to name a few...thrift shopping is great for saving money, it's so much better for the environment to reuse a previously loved item rather than letting it hit the landfill, and most of the time, by shopping or donating goods,  you are supporting local charities.

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Free Stuff & Donation Spots

We have many great opportunities in Strathcona County & Fort Saskatchewan to get free stuff and pay it forward by donating the same! Sadly, some individuals still take advantage of people's generosity, but our regional up-cycling community is awesome and somewhat self-policing. There are remarkably few incidents, other than the occasional and terribly rude "no-show" for pick-up.

Hodge Podge Lodge

Launched as a fantastic pilot project to keep reusable stuff out of our landfills, the Hodge Podge Lodge is located at the Broadview Enviroservice Station in Sherwood Park. It is an incredible resource, staffed and organized fully by volunteers who work in shifts. If you're able to lend a hand, just click on the link for more details.

Fort Saskatchewan Furniture Bank

Officially launched in 2017, this group provides gently used furniture & household items to help furnish homes for those in need. Anyone that lives in or is relocating to Fort Saskatchewan who is fleeing domestic abuse, transitioning out of homelessness, is a newcomer to Canada and/or escaping fire or flood can get assistance from this group. They are a virtual furniture bank that uses Facebook as their main information portal and they encourage you to contact them there. They try to keep at least one 2 bedroom apartment full of goods ready for any emergency housing situations.

Facebook's Local Up-cycling Community

Old Blankets & Stuffies 

Old blankets & stuffed animals can be really difficult for donation centres, no matter how clean we think our homes are. Animal rescues are always looking for these things & your donation could mean a lot to a terrified dog or cat coming into a rescue centre from an abusive or neglectful situation. Here are links to some spots we know about...

 Thrift Stores

Thrift store Sherwood ParkThrift stores are another, rather awesome way to keep items out of the landfill! Just to keep it in perspective... Salvation Army alone reported last year that their thrift stores diverted 73 million pounds of goods from local landfills. Yay, team!

If it matters to you where you donate your goods & where you thrift shop, we've noted which stores are non-profit, and which causes they support.

County Clothesline Foundation [Sherwood Park] All proceeds stay within Strathcona County, giving back to the community. County Clothesline typically takes everything you are willing to donate, while some of the others are choosier.

Elk Island Thrift Store [Lamont] Okay, it's not in Strathcona County, but for the true thrift store lover, it is well worth the drive to go find some treasures at this privately owned shop.

Goodwill [Sherwood Park] Goodwill is a non-profit with a mission to provide employment to people with disabilities, one of Alberta’s largest employers of people with disabilities.

Pawn & Cash [Fort Saskatchewan] Independent thrift store, privately owned.

Salvation Army [Sherwood Park] A non-profit Christian organization that offers social services to those in need. Purchases support their programs, services and emergency relief efforts.

Value Village [Sherwood Park] A division of Savers, an international corporation of for profit thrift stores.



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