Swim, Skate & Recreation Centres

Feel the need to go for a swim or play in a splash park on a hot summer’s day? Or find a place for a terrific work out or drop in class? Or go for a pick up hockey game with the kids in the winter? You’ve come to the right page. These are all public facilities, so most of the amenities are pretty great with thoughtful features added in for all families. If you need more details on accessibility options, click on the links.

boy swimming in sherwood park

Swim & Splash


  • Emerald Hills Leisure Centre - Emerald Hills is a modern building, designed with a more competitive swimmer in mind, but there are opportunities for leisure swimmers. Located in Emerald Hills Regional Park in Sherwood Park, you can also enjoy the walking/skating paths around the park, watch the ducks & geese, or take in a high school game of football.
  • Harbour Pool - The pool offers a diving area, Tarzan ropes & other play opportunities. It is a well-loved recreation resource in the City of Fort Saskatchewan.
  • Kinsmen Leisure Centre -Kids love the place with its dive tank, Tarzan rope and water slide. Built in 1975, the building was reto-fitted, so it is missing some modern amenities, but offers a great value.
  • Millennium Place - Featuring a wave pool, lap pool, picnic area, playground and a lazy river! Modern facilities with other options for family adventure. Adults can go work out while kids are swimming. Teenagers can go hang out at the neighboring skate park. Millennium Place is a well-loved treasure in the community and typically quite busy.
sherwood park splash parks

Splash Parks & Spray Decks

Spray parks don't usually have websites, but we've added links when we could find them. You should be able to find all these spots on Google Maps.

Other Regional Recreation Centres

The Best Skating Spots


Indoor Arenas

Outdoor Rinks & Skate Ponds

"Snowbank" rink means it is non-boarded. Many of the regional outdoor rinks will have rink shacks (change rooms, etc.) available; most snowbank rinks will not.

Fort Saskatchewan

  • Mowat Outdoor Rink
  • RCMP Outdoor Rink
  • Legacy Park Snowbank Rink
  • Southfort Snowbank Rink
  • Pryce Alderson Snowbank Rink

Sherwood Park

McGhan Park and Mills Haven Outdoor Rinks have lights to 10 pm.

  • Brentwood Outdoor Rink
  • Kinsmen Park Outdoor Rink
  • Sherwood Heights Outdoor Rink
  • Strathcona Athletic Park Outdoor Rink
  • Clover Bar Ranch Snowbank Rink
  • Davidson Creek Snowbank Rink
  • Fountain Creek Park Snowbank Rink
  • Heritage Hills Snowbank Rink
  • McPherson Park Snowbank Rink
  • Rainbow Park Snowbank Rink

Rural Outdoor Rinks

  • Ardrossan
  • Deville/North Cooking Lake
  • Collingwood Cove

Rural Snowbank Rinks

  • Colchester School
  • Hastings Lake (Community Hall)
  • Josephburg
  • South Cooking Lake
  • Uncas
  • Whitecroft

Skating Pathways/Tracks

  • Cowan Skating Pathway at Emerald Hills Regional Park - Sherwood Park
  • Sin Bin Skating Track at Broadmoor Lake Park - Sherwood Park
  • South Cooking Lake Skating Pathway - South Cooking Lake

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