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Run Rover, Run!

Need to give you little fella more excercise? We've got some terrific regional off-leash dog parks. Let them run, be free!

Deermound Off-Leash Regional Park

Deermound Off-Leash Regional Park is 3 km south of Wye Road on Highway 21 is Strathcona County’s original off-leash dog park. Google maps should get you there. There are open fields as well as natural trails. *Note that there are fenced areas, but the area is not fully fenced.

Sally Stewart Park Off-Leash Area

Sally Stewart Park recently opened up on Broadview Drive, in Buckingham Business Park (near Costco, behind Fun Park Amusement Centre). Google was reporting this as closed, but that is incorrect.

Fort Saskatchewan Off Leash Dog Park
Fort Saskatchewan Off Leash Dog Park

West River's Edge Dog Park

The City of Fort Saskatchewan has an excellent off-leash dog park, West River’s Edge Dog Park, on the south-west end of the City. Featuring 3 - 4 huge fenced areas, some obstacles and lots of room to run. Located along the river valley, the area is also popular for cyclists.

Seasonal Off-Leash Parks

There are also some seasonal neighborhood off-leash locations:

  • From November 1 to March 15 - Emerald Hills Diamond #1 (4501 Emerald Drive)
  • From May 15 to August 30 - McGhan Park Boarded Rink (441 Meadowview Court)
  • From May 15 to August 30 - Kinsmen/Westboro Boarded Rink (1011 Strathcona Drive)

The County is currently reviewing their off-leash strategy and developing more sites. At present, the County is NOT welcoming dogs to playgrounds, spray decks, tennis courts or the Strathcona Wilderness Centre. There is a Facebook page devoted to the existing Strathcona County off-leash parks, we weren't able to find a Facebook page for the Fort Saskatchewan park.

Dog Licenses

Why get your dog licensed? Aside from it being the law, if your dog were ever to get lost or go missing, having him/her licensed will increase your chances of getting them back home safely. Tags help people quickly identify your pooch. The license fees also help support the care and adoption of lost and unclaimed dogs and the fees are typically quite inexpensive.

Licensed dogs in Strathcona County will also be returned free of charge to their owners, if lost (once per license year).

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